Pilates Method (Pilates ITC) and Yoga Studio in Camberwell

 Melbourne with Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) Level 2 Pilates Teacher providing

 Classical Yoga, Mat Pilates, and equipment/Studio Pilates Method

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ShanthYogaPilates(SYP) Intention is to bring genuine Yoga and Pilates into your own lives

Benefits of attending classes at SYP for you are, at the very least:

Experience Studio Pilates, Mat Pilates & Yoga with a fully registered, experienced & qualified teacher,

 Increased Movement, Flexibility, Strength, Injury & Pain management,

Injury Prevention, Better Concentration, Stress relief and more

Smaller classes mean individual attention

Genuine, supportive, attentive, and caring environment.



 WHAT is available @SYP?

 Mobility & Movement = Better Movability 



You may have arrived here as you are looking for classes for stress relief, for meditation, for a stretch, build strength and introduce gentle but sensible aerobic, weight-bearing Movement for your body or, you are simply browsing.

Look no further,

experience Clinical Pilates/Studio Pilates or Hatha Yoga for:

Lower back pain management, 

Pilates for Injury or Pain Management (Shoulder, arm, leg, hip, or Spinal),

Seniors gentle movement,

Mat Pilates or Yoga, 

Osteoporosis Management, 

A movement that stretches, strengthens and is weight-bearing,Non-acute conditions

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With an experienced, professionally qualified, and fully registered APMA (Australian Pilates Method Association) Teacher.

 Your SYP Teacher is qualified in accredited courses extensively (12months +) in the Pilates Method and Classical Yoga. 

The Pilates Method and Yoga are movement practices. Both the Pilates Method and Yoga involves the entire body and mind.

Both mind & body disciplines are for every human body and at every stage of life.

The Comprehensive Pilates Method, and to a certain extent Yoga, have continually developed on their anatomy & movement science foundations.

Both disciplines taught at SYP have improved alongside current anatomy, exercise science & health research, while remaining true to the respective disciplines' original intent, as your instructor, constantly attends relevant continuous education.

   Currently on the Australian Pilates Method Alliance (APMA) Work Health and Safety (OH&S) Subcommittee (2018 - Current) advising on Equipment and other Safety relevant for Registered APMA Pilates Teachers.

Services (weekend and evenings) provided from home are and are by appointment only; please ring for an appointment

Private Equipment Pilates for rehab, Maintenance, Seniors, Teenagers, Pre and Post Natal or Sports specific Pilates.

Mat Pilates /Classical Yoga Classes (Max 2)


 IT Professional 

Currently working for a Community House and is currently available on a

limited Part Times basis for adhoc IT Consultancy for  Small Business/Personal/Sole traders

For more information, please contact SYP to find out more

Thank you for your time

 © Vrinda Fernando

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